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cheese that pairs with life

Before moving to Vermont, we spent a year tasting cheeses together, exploring the nuances of their chemistry and the flavors of their season and origin. It is a beautiful thing, cheese. But the best part of all? You can eat it. You can cook with it. You can serve it to your most discerning guest or you can toss it in your forbidden midnight concoction. Cheese doesn't judge. It doesn't just pair with the latest seasonal jam, it pairs with every part of your life. At least, we think so. We can't wait to share our cheese with you.

While we are constantly testing ideas and recipes to share with you, we are offering select products for the 2022 season. Below are the products we have available this year.

With time, we will add more cheeses and seasonal treats.

*Note: our final products may differ from the photographs below


Chèvre is our freshest goat milk cheese. Try our chèvre throughout the year and enjoy its seasonal flavors.

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chevre with maple and chipotle

This chèvre is our signature fresh goat milk cheese mixed with a Vermont maple syrup, direct from the sugarmaker. After hand mixing, each serving is graced by Texas-smoked chipotle powder. It's the perfect pairing, and an homage to our journey from Texas, to Vermont, and back home again.



Feta is a fresh Greek-style cheese that is salty and tangy and goes well with a variety of dishes and cuisines.



Skyr is a creamy delicacy, an Icelandic-style cheese. This cheese can be used just like your favorite yogurt or sour cream. Enjoy Skyr savory or sweet!



Soon, we'll be offering delectable goat milk treats.


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what else are we up to?

Here's where the real fun begins! Upon our arrival in Texas in Spring 2022, we will begin constructing a mobile cheese cave. This will allow us to expand our product line to include aged cheeses. The first to know about

these and other plans are our subscribers, sign up now!


We are also excited to offer additional seasonal goat-milk treats. We can't wait to share them with you!

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