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Texas Monthly writes about Texas Cheese!

Texas Monthly, the "national magazine of Texas," recently explored the world of Texas cheese and cheesemakers. According to them, it's time we "take Texas cheese seriously." We couldn't agree more.

Tommie Ethington, a writer for Texas Monthly, spoke with cheese retailers and cheesemakers around the state to get an idea of why Texas cheese is so special. She even reached out to us! Kathryn had great things to say about our plans and the importance of cheese and dairy to Texas agriculture.


The following is an excerpt from Texas Monthly's It’s Time to Take Texas Cheese Seriously published on November 12, 2021:

Texas natives Chadley Hollas and Kathryn Ivey see great potential in their home state’s terroir, so much so that they decided to move back from Vermont, where Ivey was lead cheesemaker for an award-winning goat dairy, to open Cadence Creamery, scheduled to start selling products in 2022. “​​We think Texas has the potential to develop its own cheese identity, unique from other cheese regions in the United States,” Ivey says. “As we’ve seen with the growth and recognition of Texas winemakers, brewers, and others, there is a culinary future here worth promoting.”

The couple is interested in exploring varieties specifically suited to the state, especially aged hard cheeses. Ivey and Hollas are also excited about the prospect of incorporating more of the sustainable practices they picked up back East and developing a robust herding program “unique to Texas but inspired by the world’s shepherds,” says Ivey. “Goats, like Texas’s other native ruminants—deer, and bighorn sheep, depending on where you are referring to—have a great potential to help sustain Texas’s landscapes, especially as we adapt to a changing climate,” she says. The couple plans to work with local farmers to graze goats over large swaths of land, eliminating the need to buy up massive acreage.


Read this article and more by Tommie Ethington and Texas Monthly by clicking the button below.

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