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a goat always knows her way home

And we followed. We're Chadley and Kathryn, homesick Texans who made our way back after diving head first into the world of artisan cheesemaking and goat husbandry in Vermont. We are two people in a continuous, though indirect,

pursuit of our passions.

taking a path that meanders

We are hopelessly inspired by the paths a goat takes to her destination. It seems as though the destination isn't clear - a break to jump atop a boulder, a quick browse in the brush. The path meanders, weaves back and forth, is unpredictable. Sometimes, as it did for us, the path leads you on journeys you could have never predicted. But, somehow, it all makes sense. It leads you right to the place where you're supposed to be.


With budding careers embedded in tourism, hospitality, and food, we were adamant about caring for people, allowing them to connect more deeply with others and with the places they gather. Something was missing though. We couldn't ignore clouded visions of a dream, a dream of building something special together. 


We knew we had to leap in to this dream, but where? How? For that, we pored though our memories and passions - for Kathryn, it was caring for her first goat, Diamond, and helping in her grandmother's small East Texas goat dairy; for Chadley, it was his obsession with culture and food, and how those things bring people together. We've grown since then, explored, learned, and watched our passions for taking care of others bring us here. Now, with Cadence Creamery we apply the same level of care to this herd of goats, to the products they help us create, and to our community.


connecting people, places, and cheese

For the last three years Kathryn has been exploring the world of artisan cheese in Vermont and served as the lead cheesemaker and general goat caretaker for Big Picture Farm. She also spent time with some of Vermont's great cheese artists and craftspeople, while simultaneously diving into the impressive microcivilizations that are cheese and dairy products. Chadley continued to focus on the role of food and tourism on our rural communities and the importance of their viability.

All the while, we kept dreaming with no clear idea of how we would realize our dreams of making cheese for you. Then, we learned of an opportunity to rent a space in Texas. So, the dream that started in Texas will take us back to Texas, taking the path that meanders.

To start, we will be renting the creamery spaces at a farm just East of Austin raise goats and introduce Central Texas to our interpretation of artisan goat cheese. We are excited to have fresh cheese products available to you now


the girls

The herd we work with consists of about 40 goats. Many are a mix of the common dairy breeds Nubian, Alpine, and Saanen. We know each of our goats by name (though collectively, they are affectionately known as "the girls") and spend countless hours spending time with them. Their happiness and well being is our first priority. Since we are on a relatively small amount of leased land, their diet is mostly alfalfa, supplemented with natural forage and high quality grain. With time, we will develop a robust herding program unique to Texas but inspired by the worlds' shepherds.


We currently breed once a year in the fall with kids (baby goats) expected February-May. If you are interested in buying kids in the spring, please fill out our contact form.


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